Mona Geesa
    Our fourth Pinball Event - Mona Geesa (the art of pinball) - was held Saturday August 11, 2001.
    In keeping with popular themes we chose the brooding Mona Geesa for our next party. Mona Geesa, The Art of Pinball turned into a showcase of Capcom pins. One of each Capcom pin was there to be played and enjoyed. Thanks to Dave for bringing in four of them. And the first EM guest pin Hi Deal was provided by Derek. Mike Pacak who does the Pinball Expo in Chicago graciously provided a quantity of translites, and plastics for our party goers to win. It was truly a work of art to see six different Capcom pins at one place being played and the sound of twenty two pins being played at the same time brought music to our ears.
Prize winners for this event were:

EM Hi Deal translite winner for high score: Tony Thoren
High Scores:
  • Star Trek Next Generation - Jake Bydlon
  • Scared Stiff - Mike Christiansen
  • Tommy - Tom LaBounty
  • Tales From The Crypt - Meiko Andersen
  • Fish Tales - Chris Russel
  • Addams Family Gold - Keith Hinrichs
  • Theatre of Magic - Kevin Nagle
  • Medieval Madness - Terry C
  • Monster Bash - Denise
  • High Roller - Mike Kaluzniak
  • Austin Powers - Chris Hebrink
  • Star Wars Episode 1 - Kevin Dreyling
  • Attack From Mars - Jim Hansen
  • Sharkey's Shootout - Kevin Scott
Winners on Capcom pins, prize for each were choice of a pinball translite from a variety donated by Mike Pacak.
  • King Pin - Scott Tiesma
  • Big Bang Bar - Terry Web
  • Breakshot - Mike Kaluzniak
  • Flipper Football - Troy A.
  • Airborne - Kevin Dreyling
  • Pinball Magic - Chris Russel