BYOG (bring your own goose)
    Our second Pinball Event - Bring Your Own Goose! - was held Saturday, April 21, 2001.

    Flush from the success of our first pinball event (Launch Those Geese!), when asked if we were going to "do it again", we decided to hold a second event.

    After much soul searching, creative brainstorming and careful consideration we decided that the theme for this event should be to "Bring Your Own Goose" (and no, it is just a coincidence that towards the end of the first event, in response to the 37th person commenting on the conspicuous lack of actual geese at the event, a very tired event organizer was heard to mumble something about bringing one's own...)

    With the chosen event theme, it seemed only appropriate to offer a prize for the best goose brought in to the event. Upon reflection, however, we amended this to be the best INANIMATE goose, having briefly imagined just what amount of chaos a flock of geese, frustrated at not being able to reach the pinball machine flippers, might unleash at the event.

    Byron Turner, ever one to rise to the occasion, went above and beyond all hopes and brought the prize winning goose. By the end of the evening it had been adopted by all as the official mascot of SS Billiards, and it can be seen on your next visit keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings from its place of honor perched atop the counter near the front of the arcade.

Prize winners for this event were:

Best inanimate goose brought in - Byron Turner
High Scores:
  • Attack From Mars - Nick Foss
  • High Roller - Scott Tiesma
  • Star Wars Episode 1 - Mike Thomas
  • Addams Family Gold - Sheena Martenies
  • Twilight Zone - Jesse Howard
  • Monster Bash - Bob Hansen
  • Sharkey's Shootout - Kevin Scott
  • Theatre of Magic - Byron Turner
  • Medieval Madness - Jesse Howard
  • Scared Stiff - Chris Russel
  • Tommy - Ed Ingleman